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Loving it

Loving it

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I recently gave a critique to someone about their story – which was a relatively funny piece – and then I got an email reply to my comments that was loads lighter than the story they’d written. Why was this? Because in the email they were relaxed. They were just trying to get back to me, not trying to entertain or write something important.

The lesson to take away: enjoy what you’re writing, trust it, and relax! If it entertains you, it will be entertaining. If it’s going to be important, it will be because writing from who we are is always important. Yeah, when you start writing it’s often frustrating – but it should be a fun challenge anyway. If it’s not then you could make lots more money as an accountant, for a lot less stress . . ..

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  • (in case this reaches you faster...I left a note on West of Wonderland as well...)

    I think I resemble that remark!

    But it is a very good point.

    May I reference and link to this in my weekly blog posting for my writers' group blog, the Melt-Ink Pot? http://themeltinkpot.blogspot.com/
    • In case my reply on West of Wonderland doesn't get to you:

      Absolutely, feel free to reference and link (link to West of Wonderland if you would please). Cheers!
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