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something done

something done

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I got it all done - at least, in first draft form.

My short story for a workshop that I want to do this summer, and a spec script of an existing TV show for an exceptionally competitive 6-month TV writing program that I am ludicrous enough to hope I can maybe get into this year (as I will be every year until I get in, or I guess maybe until I win awards that make it obvious that I somehow jumped from being too weak to get in, all the way to being too good to get in).

So: yay, success! A decent first draft of both pieces.

Now, unfortunately, the hard part.

All the years I've spent learning how to write, and I have yet to really figure out how to rewrite. I don't know what other people do, but I mostly have to go back to my outline. Then if it turns out that I can salvage what I can from my original text, I do that. Some scenes may survive, others I just throw away, and others still are about half-right. Normally the half-right scenes are ones I have to rewrite wholly from the ground up. By 'rewrite', I mean totally write again; when I try to just change some parts, I end up only touching the surface--sentence structure, pacing, all of that.

My spec episode is in need of a rewrite. I've got a basic story, it's tight, but it's like every single episode of this particular TV show already. You start to read it, you know exactly what will happen every single moment along the way. For once I've got characters in actual conflict with each other, believably stressing against each other, and there are some almost profound moments in that, and other funny ones - but they're all so damned predictable. So I have to find a way to mix it up. I've got to add a B-story for a character who didn't show up until half-way through the show - and that B-story has to attach to everything else somehow. I have no idea how I'm going to manage any of this. I need the right ideas.

I *really* want in this program this year. But I don't think my application will be good enough by the deadline.

If I don't get in, what else am I going to do after the summer? I have to start to find a real, decent-paying full-time job, so I can deal with my student loans. I've never really had one of those before. I don't see how anyone even gets them.

But it's not like going into this writing program would end up getting me directly into the industry right away anyway. No matter what I think I better learn how to get a real job soon. At least with something in hand for the application process, I'll begin to have sometime to start.
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