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Now is the time of the year when we make goals

Now is the time of the year when we make goals

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The end of the year. A good time to figure out what to do with this next one.

My goal is simple: 300,000 words of new writing.

Sounds like a lot? It's 1,000 words per day, all but 65 days of the year. I write every day, and I can write 2,000 words each day without trouble. In the last three months I wrote about 100,000 words, so I'm easily on track.

By the way, if you're a writer I suggest trying something similar. It's fun to get so much done, and creates its own sort of momentum. It now takes about two hours per day to get a first draft of 2,000 words done, and the more I write the better I get. What was holding me back from writing so much? I used to think I could only write about 250 to 500 words per day worth reading. I was wrong.

About a third of my word count will be TV pilots (okay, maybe a couple TV specs too, but I think pilots are the better way to go). A third will be novels, and a third short fiction.

Here's to a productive year!
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